The mystery and dark intrigue surrounding the cooperative works of David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti have mesmerized and haunted many a subconscious over the years. There’s something unique about the pairing of Badalamentis musical scores to Lynch’s dreamy scenery that is unsettling and simultaneously familiar. There’s also an era of innocence in the music that creates a timeless appeal without regard to the modern, nightmarish and sometimes corrupt scenarios presented within the films. It’s these things that keep people perpetually fascinated with the works of these genius artists, and it’s these things that have initiated the project SILENCIO.

During the live show SILENCIO performs selections from all of Lynch’s films spanning “Eraserhead” to “Inland Empire”, with a focus on the works from the “Twin Peaks” series and “Fire Walk With Me” film. The idea to write original songs directly influenced by the film music quickly took shape into material for the first SILENCIO record, “Music Inspired by the Works of David Lynch & Angelo Badalamenti” (released in June of 2012). The album spans 17 songs with each track drawing inspiration from the music included throughout the gamut of Mr. Lynch’s films. The album’s sound encompasses the air and atmosphere of noir-cinema, with obvious nods to latin jazz, lounge, rockabilly and ambient space rock. Songs like “Harvest Companion”, “Hari Bari” & “Night Drive” exhibit the band in a smoky, raucous fashion while others like “Dream in Blue” and “Lacrymose” float in true Julee Cruise style. “Dreamwalk Dance” captures the penultimate sock-hop vibe of 50’s innocence. In January of 2014 Silencio begins work on their follow-up with Chris Isaak guitarist Hershel Yatovitz assisting as producer. It’s tentatively titled “She’s Bad”.

The band has been mentioned in Rolling Stone, played tour dates with the Afghan Whigs, contributed music to several film scores and performed sold-out shows in NYC, Philadelphia, Austin (SXSW), Cleveland, Pittsburgh and more. If there were ever a collective to perform for an event and capture the vibe of a “damn fine cup of coffee”, cherry pie and wind through the Douglas Firs, then Silencio is surely that group.