A tribute to the works of David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti


Silencio is regularly invited to play private parties, weddings, and corporate events. Their focus on the works of David Lynch & Angelo Badalamenti is perfect for Lynch-themed events such as Pittsburgh's Twin Peaks parties, general film festivals and fundraisers, or simply anyone seeking a unique brand of entertainment for their event by a sharp-dressed ensemble. 

They offer over three hours of material spanning the entirety of Lynch's career, as well as two albums of original music written and performed stylistically in homage to these works. In addition to big theatrical showpieces such as Mr. Eddy's theme from Lost Highway, the band's repertoire also features many quiet, sublime selections including many from the Julee Cruise catalog, perfect for cocktails or dinner music.

If you are interested in having Silencio perform at your event, please reach out either through email at, or through the contact form below.


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