A tribute to the works of David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti






07/02/17 New Orleans, LA -One Eyed Jacks

07/01/17 New Orleans, LA -Marigny Studios

05/26/17 Morgantown, WV -123 Pleasant Street

05/19/17 Pittsburgh, PA -The 4th Annual Twin Peaks Party at the Hollywood Theater Dormont

03/31/17 New York, NY - Nublu: LPR & Welcome to Twin Peaks Presents Into The Night with Silencio

09/09/16 Private Event

08/07/16 New York, NY -Le Poisson Rouge

08/06/16 Kingston, NY -BSP

08/05/16 Pittsburgh, PA -Mr. Small's Funhouse

07/16/16 Private Event

04/08/16 Pittsburgh, PA -Hollywood Theater, Twin Peaks Party

10/30/15 Pittsburgh, PA -Spirit Lodge

08/21/15 Pittsburgh, PA -Hollywood Theater, She's Bad CD Release Party

08/15/15 Wilmington, DE -World Cafe Live at the Queen

08/14/15 New York, NY -Le Poisson Rouge

08/13/15 Philadelphia, PA -North Star

08/12/15 Kingston, NY -BSP

08/11/15 Rochester, NY -Flour City Station

06/27/15 New York, NY -Knitting Factory Brooklyn

06/13/15 Philadelphia, PA -Milkboy

05/23/15 Cleveland, OH -Beachland Ballroom

03/21/15 Pittsburgh, PA -Hollywood Theater, Twin Peaks Party

01/09/15 Pittsburgh, PA -Club Cafe

10/30/14 Pittsburgh, PA -J Verno Studio

10/24/14 Pittsburgh, PA -Pittsburgh Winery

10/12/14 New York City, NY -Knitting Factory Brooklyn

10/11/14 Wilkes Barre, PA -River Street Jazz Cafe

06/28/14 Youngstown, OH -Calvin Center

06/27/14 Pittsburgh, PA -SPACE Art Gallery

06/22/14 New York, NY -Le Poisson Rouge

06/21/14 Wilkes Barre, PA -The Factory-Underground

05/09/14 Cleveland, OH -Beachland Ballroom

03/22/14 Pittsburgh, PA -The Hollywood Theater, Twin Peaks Party

02/07/14 Pittsburgh, PA -Club Cafe

11/23/13 Youngstown, OH -The Calvin Center

11/02/13 Pittsburgh, PA -The Rex Theater 

10/26/13 Lancaster, PA -Zoetropolis

09/13/13 Pittsburgh, PA Pittsburgh -Fashion Story

07/13/13 Lancaster, PA -Zoetropolis

07/12/13 Philadelphia, PA -PhilaMoca, Silencio headlines the annual event “Eraserhood Forever” 

07/09/13 Pittsburgh, PA -Thunderbird Cafe

04/27/13 Cleveland, OH -Beachland Ballroom 

04/21/13 New York City, NY -Le Poisson Rouge

03/13/13 Austin, TX -The Hideout SXSW showcase

03/08/13 Pittsburgh, PA -Modern Formations

03/01/13 Pittsburgh, PA -Club Cafe

11/29/12 Pittsburgh, PA -Brillo Box

11/24/12 Pittsburgh, PA  -Club Cafe, Silencio plays the Beatles as part of a benefit for the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank. 

10/26/12 Philadelphia, PA -World Cafe Live

10/14/12 New York City, NY -Le Poisson Rouge

09/30/12 Cleveland, OH -Beachland Ballroom, Silencio supports the AFGHAN WHIGS

09/29/12 Pittsburgh, PA -Mr. Smalls Theater, Silencio supports the AFGHAN WHIGS

08/14/12 Pittsburgh, PA -Thunderbird Cafe

06/30/12 Pittsburgh, PA -Club Cafe

06/04/12 Pittsburgh, PA -3 Rivers Arts Festival

05/20/12 New York City, NY -Le Poisson Rouge

05/19/12 Philadelphia, PA -World Cafe Live

02/28/12 Pittsburgh, PA -Thunderbird Cafe

12/18/11 Pittsburgh, PA -Brillo Box, Silencio’s debut show.